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Anime boy- I don't know if this is an anime character from some show but he looks beautiful

Reminds me of Meredith and Trevor.

Ib (and sometimes other cute things from free rpg maker games)

;-; ummmmm.... Garry... you seem to have something on your shoulder...

This is Kyle. He's strong and kind spirited. He can be chatty and hyper at times. His favorite dish is spaghetti, and he enjoys listening to music while snowboarding. Adopt?

cute anime boys blue rose (<Okay whoever said that obviously doesn't understand this is Garry from Ib)

"Ib" game - The Doll Room. This part actually really freaked me out...*_*

The walls she had made that made me feel secure was gone. But she had given me a memory I never belivied we would have. I wil have it with me rest of my life... I just dont know anymore about you, guess I have one less problem without you

Oh wow, I like this one. You can see the rip in the canvas....