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Recycled Glass Chandelier by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden

Recycled Glass Chandelier by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden - (produced in guatemala)

from Etsy

Rustic Recycled Wine Bottle Mirrored Candleholder Recycled Bottle Art Garden Art

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier...ooh. I think this would look awesome with either all clear wine bottled or mixed colors. Not big on the all green.

from Etsy

Business Card Holder: cell phone. holder. desk. recycled wine bottle. organizer. mail. melted wine bottle. display. brochure. kitchen. table

Recycled wine bottle business card holder brochure by HarrachGlass, $22.50 recycled wine bottle, recycled, wine bottle art,office accessories,glass art ?napkin holder?

from CB2

Bubble spheres clear

Shop bubble sphere clear large.  Handmade glass sphere is light as a bubble with small hole from the glassblower's rod. An effervescent addition to a decorative bowl.

from Recyclart

Milk crate chandelier

Home improvement tastes are continuously evolving. This is normally no bad thing, with innovation usually improving home design to suit the times. But there are always exception! We look at some of the more surprising Home Improvement trends in Ireland in