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A white Bengal tiger takes solace in a cool block of ice provided by zookeepers on July 20 at the Chengdu Zoo in China's Sichuan Province.

Awwwh miss him.../Steve Irwin by rachelle.allen.3

Steve Irwin ~ a life lived fully! Never to be forgotten! Love this man. Has done so much for wildlife conservation. Had the pleasure of seeing him a few times. Australia zoo is only an hour from home. Thank you Steve. This is a Wombat.

Dewd...yer harshin' my mellow...

Few animals have the power to make us smile quite like alpacas. There's just something about the South American camelids that's difficult not to like.

Tiger mom and cub

Tiger Cleaning her Cub. So Precious. Quick Facts *Tigers Offspring (babies) are called Cubs. This big cat can weigh up to 720 pounds, and they usually hunt alone.

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Be careful what table scraps you give to your dog this Thanksgiving. Many are toxic to dogs - do your research before tossing them leftovers. Definitely don't give them turkey bones!

16.) Tiger family with different colorations.

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It's these cute animals' first day of school, and they are gonna do GREAT!

Some pets are cuter than kids, especially these pictures of pets wearing backpacks on their first day of school.