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Picture 189 - (10th February 2015) Got a Valentine's card today off of one of my key children at work today... They can be so sweet sometimes, bless them!

365 yes in my shoes Day 108

Pie Corbett's actions for key words laminated on cards as a resource for children with pictures and words.

Picture 113 - (26th November 2014) I'm always so tired on a Wednesday, even before Pole... Can't miss Pole though, that won't happen unless there is a damn good reason! Anyway was a good session, getting to work on some moves that can be done from Twisty. A little awkward tonight as the mum of one of my old key children started, I knew it was likely to happen at some point!

Minor Fix to Commbank App improve customer satisfaction up management bonus n create jobs UPDATE Bank app has been revamped to an alternative design: Hi Commbank key decision maker may i propose an addition of a "log out" button for Commbank app in the location indicated by the question mark in picture B. Unless there is a need to direct customers to the home page to log off the app due to promotional ads and the directive to implement less effort n cost in developing the app in the name…

Picture 198 - (19th February 2015) I went to the Sing and Sign session at the centre and saw one of my old key children, they grow up so quick! Was great seeing them though and finding out how they are getting on in their new nursery... When I got home I got on with my tutu making and finally finished it... Thank you Pinterest for the project inspiration =D

Picture 346 - (17th July 2015) A very emotional day today! The day some had their last day with us, we're gonna miss them loads!... Was so spoiled, got some lovely presents and cards, one present was a framed photo of me and one of my key children who is leaving, it was so sweet, along with the card it made me cry ='(... On the other hand, I'm glad it's the end of term, I'm feeling rather ready for the break =)

Picture 58 - (2nd October 2014) Typical day really at work. Brought some of my key children's Learning Journey's home with me to get on top of it all... It's a good thing I love my job!

Picture 119 - (2nd December 2014) Work was interesting, I almost got covered in sick as one of my key children came down with a bug, luckily I got them over the bowl in time... When I got home, finally decided to crack on with some present wrapping and card writing. I'm thinking this might take a while...