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This is a quote from an ancient Egyptian document called the Papyrus of Hunifer.. interpreted from the hieratic writing, "We came from the beginning of the N...

Η Διαχρονική Γεωστρατηγική Σημασία της Κρήτης ~ Geopolitics & Daily News

Public Administration both as a discipline and as an activity or profession has been gaining importance. Some of the reasons are mentioned below: 1. RISE OF WELFARE STATE 2. RAPID INDUSTRIALIZATION 3. SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT 4. SOCIO-ECONOMIC PLANNING

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The Next Oil?: Rare Earth Metals - Rare earth metals (REM) are increasingly becoming a critical strategic resource. The 17 elements can be found in most high-tech gadgets. China currently holds claim to over 90% of the world’s production. As global demand increases, high-tech firms have relocated to China and other governments are forced to pour money into their exploration and production. In the past 12 months, the geopolitics of rare earths has become evident.