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BioLight Campstove - burns twigs and charges your gadgets. By converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, our stoves will recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while you cook dinner.

Is bird shot effective as a home defense load? It goes through the meat test to find out. http://www.wideopenspaces.com/is-bird-shot-good-against-meat-targets-lets-find-out/?utm_content=buffera5d49&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Pinterest&utm_campaign=Buffer

How to Make Shelters in Survival Situations Using Nature | 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

Homemade calamine lotion, can be used to treat anything from nasty sunburn to poison ivy to itchy bug bites. – Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas

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