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JK Rowling thought of everything - even though this wasn't her post

I hate Dolores Umbridge more than Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Pettigrew combined!

Week Three – Best Villain

Except this happens to me more often with the lord of the rings

Of course you shouldn't feel childish correcting somebody who as gotten their Harry Potter facts wrong

Poor lady dealing with them boys....

I like to imagine she knew all about both of those things, but was just playing along for all those years

they want me to tap- dance, and I don't want to tap dance! Harry: you tell those spiders, Ron. Ron: yeah, tell them. I'll them. Funniest part of the movie by far!

Sorry for the language but this is so funny

muggle borns complaining at Hogwarts minus the swears, some of these are pretty funny

I loved this version of the kiss. But I didn't have a problem with the movie one either, I suppose.

I loved this version of the kiss. What's funny is I forgot In the book harry says this so in the movie version I'm always like "you know there is a war going on" without thinking about it so when I read this now I get so happy I think of the scene lol