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7. Dr. Michael Labossiere interview, pt. 1 – “Logical Fallacies: The Critical Thinking Meme″ – #062 (+ video)

33. Larken Rose interview, pt. 2 – “Government – The Fallacy of Ad Verecundiam, pt. 1″ – #136

What are Logical Fallacies? What is an invalid argument? [Logic, Reasoning, Critical Thinking Skills

from Our Journey Westward

Co-op Logic and Critical Thinking Class

Logic and Critical Thinking Co-op Class | Our Journey Westward

▶ Logical Fallacies, Part Two - YouTube

from Teachers Pay Teachers

WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY ESSAY? (It's full of non sequiturs.)

When students first attempt to write essays involving critical thinking they stumble in a myriad of ways, but I have discovered that there are certain issues that arise over and over. A common stumbling block in writing coherent argumentative essays relates to an inability to understand and facilitate sound logical reasoning. Essays are often riddled with logical fallacies. This series of units will review many of the more common logical fallacies and explain how to avoid them. $

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Critical thinking explained in six kid-friendly animations

If you've been looking for a crash course in basic logic — or just want to explain to a friend exactly what a logical fallacy is — turn your attention to these simple, easy-to-understand videos, which lay out the basics of critical thinking.