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Mix Elmer's glue with food coloring and paint it on to any glass to make it look like sea glass when dry

Modge Podge + Food Coloring to make beautiful, colorful mason jars. (Mix Modge Podge and coloring in a bowl then coat the inside of the jar. Make sure color is dark enough for bright color. Place upside down on wax paper 30 min. Then put in oven 170 for 10min upside on wax paper. Then turn right side up for 30 min. Perfection)

from Unexpected Elegance

Transfer Images Using Wax Paper: Tutorial

Printing and transferring using waxed paper. Yup - you read that right. Uber cheap, always around, and no biggie if we mess up while printing and need a do-over! Who knew? (Well, apparently this girl, but who else??? Beuler? Anyone??)

Spray paint a bottle and let dry. Place rubber bands around the bottle and spray paint with a contrasting color. Once the paint is dry, take the rubberbands off, and you have a piece of art!

DIY mix elmers glue with food coloring and paint anything glass to give it a sea glass effect

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RAINBOW Mason Jar PARTY LIGHTS - Mason Jar Lighting Fixture - Upcycled Rustic Wedding String of Banner Lights - BootsNGus Mason Jar Lamps

Rainbow PARTY LIGHTS - Mason Jar Banner Lighting Fixture with 8 jars - Upcycled Rustic Wedding Holiday string of Lights - BootsNGus lamps. $200.00, via Etsy.