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Life as an introvert. I'm not an introvert but this is hilarious. X'D

Life as an introvert. Fight for your introvert rights people. In the bathroom, with your laptop and a secret weapon!

The face of a man who's completely done

The face of a man who's completely done

"My AP Euro teacher wouldn’t let our class watch Les Mis so we barricaded the door and screamed “VIVE LA REVOLUCIÓN” when he tried to get in. That is the face of a man who is done." (That poor man)

She should’ve done a bit more research

A girl at church came up to me while I was talking to my boyfriend once and says "ooh you like him don't you" and he responded with "gosh I hope so or else this is totally one-sided" <<< these are so funny

Immagine di lol, funny, and haha http://ibeebz.com

Immagine di lol, funny, and haha<<<<<< that pun is amazing XD always carry bread now so this can happen if it somehow occurs