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Stephanie Gonot's takes the classical still life and replaces fruit, flowers, and skulls with fanta, lunch meat, and ice cream. The results are clean and funny and a totally great time. Right now she is working on a bi-weekly column called "Food Mood" for the Italian magazine

Rubiks snake, hours of fun and the funny thing is that apparently there's still a part of my brain that retained the information of how to make the dog. Weird, huh ?

I had this exact pogo ball (same colour, though mine soon got very dirty)! I even remember exactly where we bought it, and that I got it for a birthday present.

Vintage - Retro - Mid-Century Modern Pink and Aqua Bathroom-----------------OH MY GOD THAT MIRROR!!!!!!!! This is the most awesome bathroom EVER!

Have you seen that authentic rustic house? We don’t know if it has been directly taken from the forest to be placed in this kids’ room plenty of funny details. Imagine kids’ faces if they find something like this in their room, it’s a refuge plenty of mystery with lots of stories to tell, they […]

Cute and Sweet Antique Change Purse, circa 1970s. holy cow i just remembered i had one of these!!!! oh the memories! its funny the things you forget!

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