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By Ernesto Moreira, Houston, TX 2005: Platinum tiara with (42.4 carats) large center emerald, (7.56 carats) side emeralds, and (7.89 carats) of pave diamonds.

Oak Leaf Tiara 1855, British, Made of diamonds. I really badly want to wear a tiara for a reenactment sometime :D

The Great Imperial Crown, made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine the Great. It is adorned with five thousand diamonds arranged in a splendid pattern of laurel wreaths and oak branches. The glitter of the diamonds is enhanced by two rows of gleaming pearls and the crown is topped by a huge red spinel, the second largest in the world, which weighs almost 400 carats

Ну что ж, настало время для очередной порции вдохновения в виде вышивок. Вы от них еще не устали?)) И снова у меня собралось столько материала, что я решила…

Crown: Identified with power, glory, and consecration. Originating with wreaths, crowns draw on the celestial symbolism of the circle-representing perfection and the ring-representing continuity.

The archbishop's miter in 1634, this miter Russian beautiful works of art, one of the most representative works, the "orthodox" bishop and archbishop who wear the crown of the head. Miter surface embedded: Jesus, Virgin Mary and saints portrait, given by the Czar Archbishop.

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