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Bustler: Winners of the NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Awards propose cheeky, fresh ideas for Auckland. Wish I did this during school days!

La torre centrale del "Liede Bridge", #ponte sospeso che attraversa il fiume Pearl, #Guangzhou, Cina. Inaugurato il 31 luglio del 2009 è lungo 4,3 Km e ha una larghezza massima di 219 metri (6 corsie di marcia). Condividete e seguiteci su: http://momentoingegneria.wordpress.com/

Liede Bridge Reflection - Guangzhou, China photo by Mike Behnken. Bridge over Pearl River, opened in Astrogeographic position: in the solid earth sign Taurus the sign of local centers, stability and food supply with the instable spiritual and highly

Rundown neighborhood in a cyberpunk future, #scifi   Images (cybercircuitz:   cyberpunkimages:  ...)

(Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Circus by Nicolas Francoeur) More ideas for the New York Undercity. Though I do still like the idea of certain parts being flooded out.

Deck Experience

Deck Experience

(Continued) "There she is," I tell Inez, gesturing to the secret airship I've been slaving over for months. A feeling of intense pride swells inside of me. Maybe it's not as good as my dad could have fixed it up, but  I think it's pretty much the greatest project I've ever worked on. Lee has seen it already, but I ask Inez, "What do you think?"


Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Future, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, concept ships: Concept ships by Daryl Mandryk concept art