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Moon Jongup of B.A.P. ... Big Smile  #K-pop #B.A.P.

[FACT]: Jongup can sing while doing a backflip, ~~

Boy activities

Five Moon Activities for Kids

Dinosaur week: Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids! Maybe for older kids give each shape a numerical value and have them add how much their dino is worth. Can use with class to compare/contrast amounts, etc.

Moon Print Moon Art Purple Moon Pink Moon Abstract by BirchBliss

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A professional reproduction of my original dreamy moon painting. Purple and pink flow together so well, and hits of golden yellow and white give

Moon Phases P7 Dark Moon The dark moon is the phase designated for dealing with enemies. It is also a time to uncover our darkest emotions and understand our passions and angers. Spells cast during this stage are often associated with justice. The dark moon occurs ten and a half, to fourteen days from the full moon. Now that you know the basic gist of the different phases of the moon, something else you may want to consider making part of your spells experience is full moon oil

How the cycles of the moon are used in Wicca and magick. Perform your rituals during the proper moon phases.

(310) ทวิตเตอร์

(310) ทวิตเตอร์

(it's B.A.P!) : Photo

(it's B.A.P!) : Photo