Yayyyy!! Jungkookieee is so cuuuuteeeee. Ugh, Ok jungkook.... Now, lemme hug you XD ♡♡♡♡ #BTS

Ugh, Ok jungkook. Now, lemme hug you XD ♡♡♡♡ does no one see amazing adorable jimin 💙💙

Lol yas

bts, jimin, jhope, jungkook, bts meme - image by KSENIA_L .

When you're trying to find out who your friend's crush is, Jungkook edition.

BTS Reaction to You Having a Hidden Tattoo - So I actually have a somewhat hidden tattoo. I mention this on the EXO version of this reaction.

Kookie's reaction was immediate haha also the fact that J-Hope was surprised that someone was actually younger than Jungkook

Jhope is just confused cause their fans are so young XD