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August 1969 Elvis held a press conference at a.

Q: 'Do you think it was a mistake to do so many Movie Sound-Track Albums?' Elvis: 'I think so'..... 'When you do Ten songs in a movie,they can't all be good songs'. 'Anyway',.. 'I got tired of Singing to Turtles' -.Elvis press conference - 1969 in Las Vegas.

Elvis press conference , august 1 1969 in Las Vegas.

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Elvis on a commercial flight between LA and Hawaii.

June 1968 Elvis Flying Commercially From Hawaii To Los Angeles. Rested and Tanned For The Taping Of His Show - Singer Special Presents ELVIS - Better Known As His Special


Elvis Signing Autographs Outside RCA Building in Los Angeles During Rehersals circa

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August 1970 Elvis With Fan Yanick Gomez International Hotel Las Vegas, NV

Elvis Presley

{*A Casual Gorgeous Elvis signing autographs*}