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Practice the art of gratitude

You can stay angry at life for not giving you what you want, or you can feel blessed for being given all that you need.

Free Inspirational Printable about Fear - All for the Boys

There will always be something you can be sad about, but if you look up there are always things to be thankful for too. It all depends on where your focus is.

And I am, I don't regret it. I learned a lot and made some of the most amazing memories. We sure were something else.. And like you said a few weeks ago we were crazy about each other and will never find a love like that ever again.

Mamma Mia Parties by Danice @MMbyDanice

GRATITUDE Ground it to the earth, write it, paint it, dance it, pray it, sing it, touch it, let go and surrender into it, love it, believe in it, see it, envision it, manifest it, create it and then be it…. ~ Shikoba ✨WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD✨ #WildWomanSis

I have some furniture that doesn't match because they're family heirlooms. When I moved apartments, I had a friend comment that I could get matching furniture pretty cheap from Ikea. I actually had to stop and explain the sentimental value behind my furniture....

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh alot, and realize how blessed you are.

Learn to be thankful with what you have because somewhere, someone is longing for the things that you have that you don't want.