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“I am fated to be unhappy in love. I know it. Each time that I meet someone whom I truly love, something happens. It isn’t that men do not love me. I could have any man in the world right at my feet. But I don’t want them. I have no interest in them, now. Perhaps if I could have had children, I would have been happy like other women. But even that was denied me. I shall not love again, for it brings me only pain and loneliness in the end.” – Pola Negri (Bizarre Los Angeles)

"I consider my work great, as I am a great artist." -- Pola Negri (Bizarre Los Angeles)

"When I first came to California an interviewer asked me what is the dangerous age of a man and a woman. They ask such funny questions, so naive! I told him I did not know the dangerous age of man. I have not been one. The dangerous age of a woman is from one to a hundred." -- Pola Negri (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Pola Negri is ready to strike in a scene from the lost 1924 silent film Shadows of Paris. (Bizarre Los Angeles / Sad Hill)

19 year-old California girl Patti McGee was the first National Girls’ Skateboarding Champion in 1965 and the first female pro skateboarder.