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"I'm Just from London Town" - 20 Photos of Cats Wearing Hats to Brighten Your Day - Nster News

Sushi Cats combine cute felines, delicious sushi

I love those rice cushions. My cats would shred them in seconds, but I still like them. Sushi Cats combine cute felines and delicious sushi

These are absolutely fantastic. I tried doing this to my cat but it didn't work out right so I had to put him into the washing machine. He avoided me for like a month. I still haven't worked out why. Please be patient there are a lot of pictures to load.

The lion and the lamb shall lie down together. Odd animal friendships like this contradict and stand against the theory of evolution. They are inconsistent with it, and they represent the glory of God's desired end for the natural world which He created.

Feline-Shaped Cat Caves Are a Stylishly Quirky Alternative to Conventional Pet Beds

Cats love to lounge in boxes, but having a bunch of empty cartons in your home adds little in terms of decor. Agne Audejiene of Agnes Felt creates colorful felted “cat caves” that provide your feline with cozy places to sleep and stalk while incorporating a stylish, modern pet accessory into your home. Available in a …