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Time man of the year willy brandt-Under Willy Brandt’s leadership the German Government brought about changes in domestic policy. His slogan was “Dare to do more democracy”. Divorce and abortion legislation was reformed, and the voting age reduced from 21 to 18 years. Willy Brandt (left) with his personal assistant, Günter Guillaume, on a fact-finding trip Willy Brandt and Günter Guillaume Photo: Bundesregierung/Wegmann His government also introduced BAFÖG, a federal law concerning financial…


The TIME Vault: 1955

1982: TIME names Polish trade-union activist Lech Walesa its Man of the Year. ⍒


The TIME Vault: 1955

1939 TIME Magazine Person of the Year - Joseph Stalin. Stalin was the de facto leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953 ⍒

1945 ... Hitler-Time-cover -Artzybasheff by x-ray delta one, via Flickr ⍢

Auto-Free Sunday (November 1973)-On November 19, 1973, the government of the Federal Republic implemented the energy law and imposed a driving ban for the next four Sundays, in order to save fuel. Nonetheless, various exceptions were made and millions of special exemptions were granted. As an additional measure, a general speed limit was introduced on November 25, 1973. The new regulations, which were to remain in effect for six months, limited vehicle speeds to 100 km/hr (62 miles/hr) on…

The broader population also benefited from the boom: between 1950 and 1962, workers’ incomes rose by a factor of almost two and a half. In addition, the positive economic developments increased the scope for social policy. In 1954, the state supported families by increasing tax exemptions for the first and second children from DM 600 to DM 720 (and then to DM 1,440 for the second child as of October 1956). That same year, tax exemptions for the third and each additional child rose from DM…

Martial law in Poland XII 1981 ⇅

Brezhnev and Brandt had a great relationship, something akin to what Gerhard Schröder and Vladimir Putin had thirty years later. Brezhnev later noted that Brandt was his favorite head of state to work with.A Western diplomat confided, “It is easier for Brandt to talk to Brezhnev than to Nixon.” Two ambitious politicians who came from lowly backgrounds and who struggled with alcoholism surely must have sympathized with each other a great deal. However, back in May 1973, the press was more…

✠ Konrad Adenauer - Time's man of the year in 1954 ⍒ x