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ocio m. (plural ocios) leisure, recreation, spare time diversion Etymology - from Italian occhio, from Latin oculus. Noun - ocio (m) eye

I stared up at the tower. "So who is this ruler, anyways? Why doesn't he show himself?" "He can't," Lily told me, "He is bound by magic to that tower. Only when a foreigner captures his heart will he be free. Even then he will be eternally bound in love."

darkness offers a safety of its own.If you walk a forest path regularly enough to learn its twists and turns it can feel enveloping and protective to move under the cover of darkness with all the other creatures.

I know this has more of a modern-y feel, but this is screaming at me that this is like a hall where Jace could've been at while he was a gladiator.

Life is what you make it and I like my life full of variety. Within these pages you will find a combination of erotica, fashion and photography that capture my creative vision. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world. This is NSFW and viewers must be