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Please. Dont be selfish.

I'm talking to you, Mom. 😂😂 (j/k she finally got an iPhone and we text all the time. 💃🏻🙌🏻 But still don't slip a call in there 🙅🏻)

Haha this meeee

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I hate when you show people a song you love and no one cares, but then 3 months later everyone is singing it 'cause it's on the radio.

Hahahahaha irk! Or when you find out you were singing the wrong lyrics and the song makes more sense.

more like when you sing a song you haven't listened to since you were really young and all of a sudden the lyrics just flow out of your mouth like no problem! All the time!


🎶What a beautiful ceiling🎶 as in; 🎶What a beautiful ceiling! What a beautiful ceiling says the bridesmaid to a waiter! Oh yes, but what a shame what a shame the poor ceiling is a WHORE!

It will be like god has brought you your main dish of life. Your husband is not the appetizer or dessert but your life should be dependent on him and if it is, then it's not a good meal.

This is EXACTLY how I would describe being in love to someone who has never experienced such a wonderful feeling.

Oh yeah ...

you just realized this couldn't be more wrong. Carly and Spencer speak to their father in several episodes and he is actually in at least one of them.