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5 ½ Tips to a Safe & Stylish Bathroom for your Mom on Mothers Day

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The Pros and Cons of a Walk in Shower – The Untold Story

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Pirates Bay House / O'Connor and Houle Architecture

Horizontal timber lining boards provides a relaxing Japanese inspired shower (and home).

How to create a fun summer home feel in your 5’ x 8’ bathroom

Why just enjoy a summer home in the summer? See how products like these high gloss shower wall panels were used to make an inviting everyday 5' x 8' bathroom.

5 secret facts about high gloss acrylic shower and tub wall panels

These mocha colored high gloss tub panels provide a grout free alternative to tile. Get 5 secrets facts about these panels in this article. @InnovateBuild

Read This Before You Redo a Bath

If you want yours to be a forever house, consider these bathroom touches designed for helping you age gracefully in place. Photo: Emeraldlight/Alamy | |

The Essex TV House: Elegant and Accessible

The centerpiece of this master bath is a curbless shower. Measuring 4 by 8 feet, the fixtures are placed so that you can fine-tune the water temperature before stepping into the spray. | Photo: Anthony Tieuli |