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Mandrake Root (Baneful - toxic - not to be ingested or used internally) A whole mandrake root placed on the mantel in the home, will give the house protection, fertility, and prosperity. Mandrake is also hung on the headboard for protection during sleep, carried to at-tract love, and worn to prevent contraction of illnesses. Where there is mandrake, demons cannot reside, so the root is used in exorcism. To 'activate' a dried mandrake root (i.e. to bring its powers out of hibernation)

Monday already? Where did the weekend go? If I had my way I'd be on permanent vacation in this ...

Emotions do NOT reside in your mind or brain; that is only where they get labeled. Emotions originate in your heart and the solar plexus area (stomach area), and they manifest in other parts of your body.