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cry go on cry, cry baby crrrryyyy. Cry Baby is my favorite Johnny Depp movie

Johnny Depp from Crybaby can hold my heart

Pic of Johnny Depp. This pic a of johnny in the movie Cry-Baby. He's sooooooo HOT!

Well fuck it, you’re crashing this party. | How To Make A GIF Without Photoshop

Well fuck it, you're crashing this party.

Cry-Baby Turns 25: See Johnny Depp at His All-Time Hunkiest http://www.people.com/article/johnny-depp-cry-baby-25th-anniversary

Cry-Baby Turns 25: Johnny Depp and Traci Lords Star

cahrino: “ vintagegal: “ Johnny Depp in publicity photos for John Waters’ Cry-Baby ” holy shit ”