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Week 5 Assignment. Earthquake machine re-styled. I chose photography as a style because the blurring can show the elastic rebound and release of kinetic energy more clearly. I used a Standford Uni image at the bottom to tie my machine to the real world event.

Week 5 - My country… Style changes of the Week 1 ( Simplification of the representative image of Brazil through linear drawing.

Week 2 Assignment 2 | FRESH APPLES | Reference - Red Delicious: One World Trade Center: Also thanks to Wolfram|Alpha and

Week 5… Another style changes... Improving the Week 4 ( I made an abstract and linear representation of the daily activities of the family's members.

Week 6 - another attempt...

Week5- I reworked my Week 2 assignment (how can i help your brand as a marketing ideator)- I am not at all comfortable drawing. It is not my style at all. So i thought of trying that style to challenge myself. i had made my week 2 assignment on powerpoint. but i reworked it as a drawing on paper, adding more information like dialogs between the brand and the customers!