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Week 5 Assignment. Earthquake machine re-styled. I chose photography as a style because the blurring can show the elastic rebound and release of kinetic energy more clearly. I used a Standford Uni image at the bottom to tie my machine to the real world event.

Week 5 - My country… Style changes of the Week 1 (https://br.pinterest.com/pin/538180224201882670/)... Simplification of the representative image of Brazil through linear drawing.

Week 5 - Style and expression. -- I completely restyled the comparison I made in week 2. Instead of arranging a bunch of borrowed or self-made photographs I drew all the pictures by hand (on the computer) in a childish way. This is because my handdrawing skills are not highly developed but also to show that a complicated concept can be presented in a "simple" way. I hope, however, that I did not oversimplify things and that the meaning is still clear.

Week 5: Restyling a previous image. This version I have uploaded just to see the side by side comparision of the two different style treatments.

Wk. 5 Assignment - Style & Expression: Remake of Wk. 2 Comparison assignment in Infographic style. I chose this style because it is something it would be helpful to know how to do for my job and I was not very happy with my wk. 2 submission.

week 5 - everyday we breathe 12 000 liters of air the capacity of a tanker truck. Minimalist style without drawings!

Week 4 Assignment. Making clarity from complexity. Here is an earthquake machine I used in a school demonstration recently. It is made out of blocks, sandpaper, string and a rubber band. Energy is released as seismic waves and heat. The paper building shakes due to the energy released.

Week 5 Assignment | A renew version for Week 4 Assignment. Just, don't take it too serious.

Assignment 5: I used the suggestions from one of the comments on this assignment for week 2 to make it more clear. I used photoshop (adobe) instead of hand drawn and was inspired by the plain images that seemed to be emphasized in this weeks knowledge portion to make it as simple as possible, everything was made with paint bucket, polygonal lasso, lasso, marquees, and paintbrush, with different hardness and opacity.

Week 5: Assignment. Re-done week 4 in 3D MineCraft 2/7

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