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Never read this quote before but it is amazing. You are courageous every day because ypu are the gentlest woman I know with all the reasons not to be. I have always admire that about you. You are encouraging in soo many ways Beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful day today. Everyone that has you in their life are truly blessed. I'm jealous of them all..Smile that pretty smile today....

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

DesertRose,;,Decide what to be and go be it | Believe in your own decisions and choices| Motivational and inspirational quotes and words,;,

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Loving, Accepting, and Pampering YOU {Fave Pins

Self talk is a great and yet hard way to reprogram our thoughts in order to obliterate our toxic mother's accusatory and abusive voice from our minds ... talking to ourselves like we are loveable is not easy task, but it is the key to healing.

from Picklebums

Parenting Mantras - Make That Little Voice in your Head a Positive One

Try to remind myself of this everyday, just because there are people in your ilfe that can't see this, doesn't make it any less true<3 be true to yourself, put yourself first, you are enough!