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How To Train Your Dog To Greet Visitors Calmly Please Share This Page: Photo © javier brosch – This video by Training Positive is a highly effective tutorial for teaching a dog to greet visitors in a calm manner. The technique used here can be used for any dog breed. The trainer also mentions that this will also work on any dog at …

Re-pinning this "funny" for my Grandson, who also has the "BAD ASS KIND." (You gotta be able to have some humor even in the worst of situations.)

Anxiety is a problem that I deal with on a regular basis with dogs and their families. When working with an anxiety based problem, especially when you need to leave, I HIGHLY recommend diffusing a calming oil CEDARWOOD is an option for you. I have had good success using CEDARWOOD on dogs that have separation anxiety, as well as those that get anxious around it people or other dogs.

Este festival en Nepal celebra y agradece anualmente a los perros por ser nuestros amigos