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Got a wet basement or flooding in your 'hood? Love bees and butterflies? Then this video is for you. Check out this video about Ranger Marc's award-winning front yard rain garden project. Part of the Homegrown National Park Project. Find out more:

General Mills made big news this week with its $820 million purchase of Annie's Homegrown – the beloved natural and organic food company with the cute bunny logo. Outrage is the main reaction of people who posted on the GMO Inside Facebook page, with many people saying they will no longer buy Annie’s. Annie’s own Facebook page is full of outraged posts as well. Learn more: #nonGMO #organic #consumers #food

The announcement that General Mills would acquire Annie's Homegrown sent the food world spinning. More here: #organic #food

#CBD helps keep my #puppy marley happy & healthy. He likes our #organic Canna Juice dripped on his #food before he chows. All mammals (dogs, humans, etc) have an endocannabinoid system. #pet #vape #hemp #dog #ecig #hash #oil #pitbull #extract #ejuice #org

Homegrown By Heroes mission is to engage the consumer in a completely new way by communicating that Homegrown By Heroes agricultural products represent the labors of hardworking veterans that have now chosen to become farmers to feed the nation. The Homegrown By Heroes label should represent authenticity, allowing consumers to proudly support veteran-farmers.