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November is Financial Literacy Month! We helped Vancity spread a bit of literacy and transparency with this [first of series] video talking a little bit about their refreshed Enviro Visa. Stand by for more information about how interest is charged — and get financially literate! Client: Vancouver City Savings (Vancity) Agency: Giant Ant Directed by Giant Ant Producer: Teresa Toews Script: Jay Grandin, Teresa Toews Creative Direction: Jay Grandin Art Direction & Design: Lucas Brook... got in touch and said "Would you like to make us a video to help re-launch our new app design?" And we were like, "LOL, we see what you did there! You asked a question! Like you do in your app!" And then they were like, "Umm, so are you interested?" And then we were like, "Oh, ya, sorry. Totally." And then we made them this video. CREDITS: Client: Agency: Giant Ant Directed by: Giant Ant Producer: Liam Hogan Creative Direction: Jay Grandin Script: Liam Hogan & Cory P...

Roche - Global Digital Summit

Client: Roche Role: Design, Animation, Art Direction Directed and Produced by Little Red Robot

Some of our favourite bits from a :30 TV spot for Direct Energy, with the cool dudes at Tracy Locke. Client: Direct Energy Agency: Tracy Locke Directed by Giant Ant Producer: Liam Hogan Design: Lucas Brooking Additional Design: Shawn Hight Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Matt James, Nicholas Ferreira, Henrique Barone, Shawn Hight

Our friends from asked us to produce the art and design of this little love story between two companies. Clearly they are fast, at least getting into action! ♥ Credits Client: Vodafone & Ono Agency: Sra. Rushmore Creative Direction: Le Cube Art direction & Design: Nice Shit Studio Animation: Sebastian Curi

Earlier this year we helped develop visuals for a social campaign that was ultimately killed. Even though we can't mention the client, we're proud of the work and are happy to give you a peek at one of the pieces. Creative Direction: PepRally / Erica Gorochow Art Direction, Illustration, Cel Animation: Jay Quercia Lead Animation: Adam Plouff Producer: Kathryn Henderson

Lovaganza 2015 is a beautiful worldwide event built upon the ideas of Unity, Peace & Abundance. A celebration of the world of tomorrow and a future filled with hope. Enjoy this exciting look into the upcoming World’s Fairesque event created by a talented group of dreamers. Direction - Colin Hesterly | Production Company - The Academy | Art Direction - Dan Matutina | Animation - Jordan ...

Wool. Merino Wool. Soft, cuddly, odour-resistant, warm, light, moisture-managing wool. The best natural fibre, baa none. Ewe wooldn’t baalieve how chuffed we were to work with the iconic Australian brand Woolmark on this character driven story. Directed by Buck Creative Director – Gareth O’Brien Executive Producer – Erica Ford Art Director – Lucas Brooking Head of CG – Doug Wilkinson CG Supervisor – Wayne Osborne Art Direction: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards Design – Lucas Brooking,...

Re-Introducing Zendesk

A film by the Zendesk brand team. CREDITS Written and Directed by the Zendesk Story Team: Kevin Cline, Sara Farnsworth, Ethan Kanat, Olivia Kingsley Art Direction: Erin Pinkley Animation Direction: Kevin Cline, Sara Farnsworth Animation: Sara Farnsworth, David Stanfield Music and Sound Design: CypherAudio Produced by Zendesk

Client: OMCollective Direction, Design & Animation: Daniel Luna & Yaniv Fridman Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero Client Contact: Michel de Baer & Annelies Hulshof