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Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling - Harry, James, Sirius, Remus, Lily, Dumbledore, Nearly-Headless-Nick, Ignotus, Cadmus and Antioch
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How women and men think
it's not funny. But haha...would you laugh if you knew that someone - your "friend" is struggling with any of these? Should I laugh at myself for having these things consume my life unwillingly?
There are two types of feminists: Femi-nazis: Femi-nazis are the stupid people(mostly women) that think they are better than men because they think they're all the same and they basically bully men without realizing  True feminists:These people just want women equality and aren't terrible people like femi-nazis
Bella, get out. You are a horrible "role model" for girls. Everyone else on the post is a great role model. Twilight-Bella, Divergent-Tris, Chronicles of Narnia-Lucy, The Mortal Instruments-Clary, The Fault in Our Stars-Hazel, The Hunger Games-Katniss, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus-Annabeth, Harry Potter-Hermione.
With her sharply cut fringe and penchant for Doc Marten boots, Jean Woods is no one's idea of a frail old grandmother - and the glamorous septuagenarian says she has absolutely no intention of changing. 'I have always been interested in fashion, but more so as I have got older,' explains Jean. 'I like to dress as I want to dress. When I put something on, I don't think "will anybody think I look good?" I just decide in my own mind whether I look good - I don't really care about other people.'