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Where can I get one......

ABDITORY (n) a place into which you can disappear; a hiding place. I started collecting them as a child, looking for places to hide whenever I went to someplace new.

"Cheiloproclitic" --- they actually have a name for it?!?!?

cheiloproclitic//have you ever just looked at someones mouth and was just like why?

Bonzer (adj) ..remarkable; wonderful

This word is used in Australia but its origins are not clear. It entered our English usage around

See this Instagram photo by @merriamwebster • 317 likes

See this Instagram photo by @merriamwebster • 317 likes

every moment between Dutch and Juma is too short, so brief...

words on

Ephemeral ~ (adj) lasting for a very short time. ~ Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language)

sapiosexual (n) one who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others. Pronunciation | 'sA-pE-O-“se-xU-al

But seriously, I do find myself attracted to intelligent people. Not a Sheldon Cooper kind of intelligent, but just intelligent.