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German Tanks WW2 | Panzerkampfwagen

A British 17 pdr round lodged in a block of armor from a Tiger I, which it failed to completely penetrate.

German WWII vehicles, they just didn't make enough!

WW1 trenches at Hill 62 and Sanctuary Wood Battle of Ypres taking place in Belgium

from France Inter

CO2 mon amour par Denis Cheissoux

Guerre de 14-18. "A un moment donné, le seul moyen de communication qu'ils (les vétérans) aient, c'est les larmes. Ils ne peuvent plus raconter". Maire de Craonne, Noël Genteur dans "CO2 Mon Amour" du 08/11/14 ("Le chemin des dames, vu par le maire de Craonne, maraîcher bio"). WWI image. Sources ? Clic 2X pour écouter.

OPERATION COLIN, BATTLE OF MAAS. Infantry of the 153rd Brigade, 51st Highland Division are carried into battle aboard a Mk.V. Sherman tank (T-233073) near Udenhout in the Netherlands. 29th of October 1944.

Jagdtiger ("Hunting Tiger") is the common name of a German heavy tank destroyer of World War II. The official German designation was Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B as it was based on a lengthened Tiger II chassis.

French Railway mounted cannons during World war One 1916.

A British Grant tank, whose crew has just painted the name 'Atlanta' on its turret, 10 September 1942.