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Get a Lid, fill it with water pick something from nature, freeze it over night, and look at the great art it makes for winter fun. No Snow where you live? You have a freezer ;)

from Jamie Oliver

Jools’s favourite beef stew

Jools goes mad for this stew in the colder months of the year, and the kids love it too. It's a straightforward beef stew to which all sorts of root veg can be added. I really like making it with squash and Jerusalem artichokes, which partly cook into the sauce, making it really sumptuous with an unusual and wonderful flavour. The great thing about this stew is that it gets put together very quickly, and this is partly to do with the fact that no time is spent browning the meat. Even though…

from The Sun

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Chicken lollipop dippers, pea and mint cous cous and charred asparagus - Delicious and nutritious

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Cardboard Box Activities, Arts and Crafts For Kids

Don't throw away those cardboard boxes! Here's 45 fabulous cardboard box activities, arts and crafts for kids to keep them busy all year round.

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Sinking Ships

Buoyancy- foil boat. I really liked the idea on this site of using tupperware containers with pennies in them. I would extend it and see how many pennies make it sink, then put one less in so it barely floats. Weigh the container with the pennies. Take out the pennies, fill the container with water, then weigh it. It should weigh the same! I might have the science club get in teams and do some containers the same size, some bigger, and some smaller.

Glazed Tofu with Fiery Sriracha Pearls #recipe... you get to have a little molecular gastronomy fun with some simple spherification techniques! Hooray! #vegan #vegetarian