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Six Reasons to Live More Simply—and Give More Generously - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries

THIS IS THE YEAR: when New Year Resolutions feel hopeless — & you want some SOULutions [Free 2016 Printable]

you know, sometimes you just flat-out want THIS to be THE YEAR. THE YEAR where things sorta congeal & dreams start to unfold & you breathe with a deeper ease...but frankly, the whole idea of New Year's Resolutions? Feels kinda hopeless -- because what we're after here is more than resolutions, more than solutions --- the soul's looking for some SOULutions... and it's pretty clear that purposing to change things happens when Prayer meets Perseverance. yeah -- a free 2016 tool for change

“Does God See Me as a Heterosexual?” and Other Thoughts on Sexuality | idk if I agree or what I think at all about this blog, but it is a very interesting and completely unique POV, as far as I've ever heard or read. very interesting.

In light of biblical stewardship, care of self and others, and the pursuit of holiness, we ought to be driven to consider our media intake with the utmost care.

A Grace Plan: A Doable Life-Change Plan for a New Year, A New You: With Printable

A Grace Plan: A Doable Life-Change Plan for a New Year, A New You: With Printable via

Do More Better: A Productivity Tool That Could Revolutionize Your | True Woman Blog | Revive Our Hearts

Nine Questions to Help You Steward All of Your Life for God’s Glory | Biblical Counseling Coalition

Your Suffering Is Working for You // John Piper

Genesis 6; Matthew 6; Ezra 6; Acts 6 | TGC. D.A.carson devo on prayer, fasting, and giving GENUINELY from Matthew 6. Very helpful perspective.

Pre-forgiveness is a prerequisite before you can genuinely forgive someone