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I realized this wonderful concept after abuse by a narcissistic sociopath. He knew I had it all so he wanted to crush it. But ding dong, the witch is dead and gone forever and I can shine on in peace <3 ☮ " People with very limited or no feelings for others, who aren't plagued by a conscience, really don't care if they do crush you, if you are in the way of something they want."

You’re the Target

Malignant Narcissists attack your self esteem and confidence because they know that you have potential, and is talented. They want you to stop doing good things, because they feel your making them look bad. They seethe with envy and hate.

There are many things I would like to say to you, but I don't know how

There are many things I would like to say to you, but I don't know how I said maybe your gonna be the one that saves me and after all your my wonderwall

I can't stop laughing at this

Womans can relate

I can't stop laughing at this---except tho,i llok more like his gf but the eyes is ofc a little bit diff.with the attitude of the mom mixed with his sister



One of the cruelest things someone can do, up there with cheating, telling someone you care for them but dont, leaving without an explanation HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

They are very good at breaking down your defenses. For me, it only took a great phone conversation at 5 AM my time (LA) and 7 AM where he was (I think Minnesota) to totally crush my resolve. The 2:30 AM calls begging me not to leave him and that I was his only luxury in life. The man deserves a fucking Oscar. Narcissistic sociopath

Hoovering A Help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors. He's been unfaithful for more than 10 years behind your back and still going it.

Ehhh, I guess I could say that. Not exactly heartbroken but definitely a disappointment after another.

Im depressed, my crush likes this hot tamale, and he doesnt even look at me, she is perf, I am not perf.sad:( but I totally got over it!

Apparently this was us! None of our friends were surprised like we expected them to be.

True for me. This guy in one of my classes likes me his friend told me and ever since then I liked him.I know he likes me and my friend told him that i like him. I cant wait to go to school to see him!

I'll have to pass this along to my daughter :)

That I was telling BUT I fell for a boy who doesn't do all this stuff. I fell for a boy who makes me forget that I hate him with one hug! I fell for a boy who is not perfect but I love him because he is true to me ♥

The introvert's creed.

Sometimes we Put up Walls.Not to Keep People Out,but to see who cares enough to knock them down ~ Emotion Quote