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Passengers on board an Air Canada flight back in 2010 were ordered to disembark moments before its scheduled departure, due to the discovery of a giant rat aboard the flight. The rodent was spotted in the overhead locker by a passenger while loading their luggage in preparation for the flight.

In early August 2013 Virgin Australia notified its passengers that some flight delays and cancellations were to be expected, as the airline’s booking system had experienced a global shut-down.

All types of travel are fraught with problems these days, it doesn’t matter whether you venture out by train, boat or plane: things can go wrong. Just the pure volume of traffic and the amount of people moving around from place A to place B is a recipe for problems. However, if you are prepared and know what types of things to expect and to look out for, then your travel plans needn’t go completely awry.

If you travelled on an EU-regulated flight that was delayed, you might be entitled to compensation. Find out whether you are entitled to ask for compensation by comparing the details of your delayed flight with our handy checklist.

Here’s a story of a genuinely excessive flight delay. EasyJet, the UK’s largest low-cost airline, recently cancelled a late-night flight and informed passengers that they would have to wait 86 years for an alternative flight.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, in the words of The First Wives Club, don’t get mad, get even. Well, at least get the compensation you are entitled to. EC Regulation 261/2004 is a European Union regulation that establishes the common rules of compensation if your flight has been cancelled or delayed. Read this guide to find out if you’re entitled to get compensation for a flight delay or cancellation and also, how much.

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Flying is, at the moment, the fastest and the most reliable way of travelling over long distances. That being said, it is worth mentioning that things don’t always go according to plan and every now and again we might find ourselves having to deal with a delayed flight, or even a cancelled flight.