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Arabs and Muslims in France have found themselves in a permanent state of exclusion enforced by a regime of increasingly brutal repression.

Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close

Overwhelmingly,those who have COMMITTED TERRORIST ATTACKS in the United States + Europe are NOT Muslims!!

Why are so many white, poor, rural men conservative? Why do they hate Obama? This woman went to the poorest, most conservative state, and asked them.

North Carolina May Soon Let Clerks Refuse Marriage Licenses to Gay and Interracial Couples

The North Carolina Senate passed a bill, Rep. Gov. Pat McCrory VETOED the bill and now the Senate is working to override that veto so they can stuff this bill down the state’s throat. The bill in question would allow magistrates to refuse marriage licenses to certain people, based on their religious/moral beliefs. Same sex marriage is already legal in North Carolina but marriage can’t happen without a license. But it’s not just the LGBT it could hurt. This could block interracial marriage…

Community Post: This Is What Homophobia In France Looks Like

This Is What Homophobia In France Looks Like After being attacked with his boyfriend in Paris on Sunday, Wilfred de Bruijn posted a photo of his beaten face to his personal Facebook page. A wave of anti-gay sentiment sweeps France in the midst of a marriage equality debate. [Warning: graphic images.]

You Are More Than 7 Times As Likely To Be Killed By A Right-Wing Extremist Than By Muslim Terrorists | ThinkProgress

Jon Stewart dives into Texas takeover conspiracies and 'Lone Star lunatics' (VIDEO): Can't watch? Get Hola VPN for Chrome, or whatevs #auspol

The GOP’s apocalyptic tradition: How anti-communist hysteria paved the way for a calamitous “War on Terror”

An international consortium of the world's greatest powers does a verification treaty with Iran and the only people that don't think it's workable are republicans who crippled the world economy, caused two wars and spent trillions trying to give the rich more money. Republicans are earning the disdain of the world, they already have mine.

Texas Public Schools Teaching 'End Times' Theology, Creationism: Study

The Texas Freedom Network's findings come as Arkansas state Rep. Denny Altes introduced a bill this month in his home state that would allow the state's public school districts to adopt a similar elective curriculum for pure academic study of the Bible. The course would "consist of a nonsectarian, nonreligious academic study of the Bible and its influence on literature, art, music, culture and politics" and would "be taught in an objective and non devotional manner with no attempt made to…