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Burj Al Arab--Designed by Tom Wright of Atkins to resemble the sail of a dhow (a type of Arab sailing vessel), the Burj Al Arab -- or Tower of Arabs -- is a luxury hotel in Dubai that sits on a man-made island. The hotel is often referred to as the world'

Grand staircase, The Bristol Palace Hotel, Genoa

Grand staircase, The Bristol Palace Hotel, Genoa, Italy photographer: Robert in Toronto copyright: Robert Wallace Please do not repost without including credits and/or links.

House Design. Woderful outdoor view.

The River Road House Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects - Architecture & Interior Design Ideas and Online Archives

visit Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 m ft), it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world.

wow lovely art

Amazing Minimalist House Exterior Design - Ideas for 2013 - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

Greece  www.metamourskincare.com

Ionian Sea view thru' de window of de old Venetian lighthouse close to Fiskardo, Kefalinia, Ionian Islands_ Greece. Ithaca Island in de background.

Ecological Urban Housing, Leiden, The Netherlands by 24H Architecture

Architects have designed some houses in Nieuw Leyden, which is in the north of the city of Leiden, in The Netherlands. I like the mix of wood with brick, it adds contrast. I also like the unique design on the wood

Nautilus shell house, wonderful project by Arquitectura Orgánica

Nautilus shell house, wonderful project by Arquitectura Orgánica

Nautilus: Giant Seashell House - This amazing shell-shaped house was designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica and built in 2006 in Mexico City.

La maison-bouilloire (Galveston, USA)

15 Interesting and Unusual Houses to Live In, The Kettle House , Galveston , Texas ~ I've walked right up and looked at this one too :D

Awesome - The Luxury Niyama Retreat, Maldives | Incredible Pictures

The Niyama Hotel is a luxurious retreat located in the Maldives. It’s a piece of paradise on earth and it welcomes its guests with amazing, panoramic views

indoor pool

Swimming pool designs, indoor swimming pool design ideas and advices for choosing design solutions and further maintaining the indoor pool.

Majunga Tower - La Défense #architecture ☮k☮

Majunga Tower / Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

Lucky Coin structure on Pearl River Guangzhou China

"Lucky" coin-inspired structure on Pearl River, Guangzhou, China, designed by Italian architect Joseph di Pasquale.

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Corporate Office Tornado Tower, Doha, Qatar designed by CICO Consulting Architects :: 51 floors, height ☮k☮