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Getsuga by on @DeviantArt

Kusajishi Yachiru & Zaraki Kenpachi

BLEACH: Attack on Hollows by on @deviantART

Kusajishi Yachiru by *maxarkes on deviantART. So creepy but true! Yachiru is my favorite from Bleach

Funny Anime Motivational Posters | Anime Motivational Poster 2 by narutosultimatefan on deviantART

Bleach o_O by *nekoshiei on deviantART (karamellakitten: "don't even think about it" oh how i love you toshirou)

Demotivational Bleach Ver. PART III by on @deviantART

Bleach-Shūhei Hisagi -- lean, strong, lethal, with a loyal heart and spiky black hair. Plus the sexiest tatoos in anime. Yes, babycakes.

Patchwork bodice, just the front, not the back----Leather thing by ~o0-Pangea-0o on deviantART