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This ad uses visual hierarchy well while also promoting the product and catching the eye. The red ball contrasts very well with the white background and the blue clothing.

This ad uses visual hierarchy very well. The text gets smaller and begins to change the further it gets down the ad. I also like the use of white with the background and the woman's clothing. It contrasts well with the text.

I chose this ad because it is a good example of how to properly layout an advertisement with a lot of text. I always struggle when I can't use less than 10 words. This ad has wonderful alignment and visual hierarchy. I like the subdued color scheme as well as the use of the two photos: they are relevant and help understand the purpose of the ad without distracting from it. This is also a good way to use a photo without making it the entire background.

from Designbeep

25 Fresh Examples of Effective Ad Campaigns

The choice of the typeface used in this ad was well thought out. They used the Star Wars font so that people would think of Star Wars when they saw the ad, and then expect to hear some songs from Star Wars at the event. They did a great job of making all of the content in the ad relevant to the event.