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방탄소년단 on

Imagine: Jimin sending you these pics saying, "See, aren't I handsome???" <3

Noelito Flow

BTS | JHOPE and JIMIN ~ agility like this is seldom overrated in a man.. Got7 has ruptured a few ovaries with their moves... I call it "cave woman instinct".. its in our DNA to want that bad...

Jimin's face lol omg bless him hahaha jhope on the other hand I would just be laughing at them xxx

look at how J-HOE IS LOOKING AT JIMIN... gosh. He looks so dazed and fascinated. And turned on-- Gosh.

Lol If you ever hear screaming in a BTS video there is a 95% chance that its J-Hope. The other 5% is V.