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Always over sleeping squad...Zodiac

I had 15 hours of sleep yesterday no joke. 13 hours today 😂😂 don't judge it's hols.

Eyeliners rock !! I have awesome nails and my lips have a great natural colour

took awhile to finally find an eyeliner style that suits my eye type, but now that I have, I got it on point 👌

Straight faced. But I sing along quietly sometimes or at least mouth the words

Astrology Signs ℧ on

The counts down the microwave squad...Zodiac

My fam thinks it's really weird ♈️

Horoscopes, I´m Pisces

does that mean dan and phil live inside me. that went to a horrible place wow im sorry Paris, France

I'm sagittarius wbu ?? <~~ Gemini. Sounds like something I'd do. I can't drive though, I'd still curse them.

You fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time, but that's ok I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine. I'm driving here I sit, cursing my government, for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement.