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Pin for Later: 15 Reasons You'd Crawl Through a Field of Zombies to Get to The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon When he looks finger-lickin' good.

When he looks finger-lickin' good.

:) Norman Reedus :)

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Korean American fan girl complelely in love with Norman Reedus and Daryl Dixon. I love historical romance, mystery, and horror novels.

Walking dead

who lives at a prison in cell block c? dar-yl dix-on! taking care of babies and killing zombies! dar-yl dix-on! if protection from walkers is something you wish! dar-yl dix-on! he acts like a man, not like a bitch.

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Norman Reedus+Daryl Dixon

My god he is just grrrr so freaking sexy lol definitely lovin me some Norman