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Follow @Mackenzie & Carter its @Ziegler's Perfection✨♡ and her friends account!

Follow @Mackenzie & Carter its @Ziegler's Perfection✨♡ and her friends account!

I hit log out last pin last goodbye.

I hit log out last pin last goodbye.

This is me, and I'm not afraid to admit it. When people say: "You need to shut up. You're talking really loud." I will start yelling. It makes me mad when people tell me to talk quieter.

Cough cough *emma* what? Me not I didn't say anything *emma* cough cough

yes omg i thought i was the only one...i get in trouble for explaining all the time>.<

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE I literally JUST tried explaining something to my mom and she walked off like I wasn't even there like wtf

Yes! I always wonder...

Funny pictures about Graffiti on a bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Graffiti on a bridge. Also, Graffiti on a bridge.


I never thought about it, but this is the most accurate post I've seen today

Lmao Taylor Swift in we are never getting back together that final breathe at the end

Im in choir so whenever i sing a song and i hear it for the first time i can remember the lyrics by the third time but i realize the breath intakes the first time, its just tbe way im built

and then I get mad and yell at it xD

I hate it when I'm taking a drink and the ice attacks my face

#wattpad #fanfiction Will Include: Black widow/ Natasha Romanoff Hawkeye/ Clint Barton Iron man/ Tony Stark Thor Odinson Hulk/ Bruce Banner Captain America/ Steve Rogers QuickSilver/ Pietro Maximoff Scarlett Witch/ Wanda Maximoff Loki Laufeyson Bucky/ James Buchanan Barnes I do take requests for imagines! This is my fi...

Avengers Preferences - A Picture You Both Have On Your Phone

How accurate.So Relatable! To see more relatable posts, check out so-relatable. for teen quotes, funny posts, and relatable stuff you will LOVE.

I hate it.

This is THE MOST annoying thing ever like teacher stfu just send the kid that's being an idiot out😩😧😒🖕 Learn how to do your damn job😂