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This is what I love about aviation. The pleasant feeling of freedom when you are in the sky flying or even when you are just laying on the soft ground while admiring the blue sky decorated with white clouds.

Summer time fun... I am ready to do this

Adrenaline rushes are my favorite. I love jumping off cliffs and waterfalls into open water. such a fun rush. i always enjoy the freefall.


Every girl wants artsy photos of them taken at some point, right? I have blonde hair that is often in a bun and I desire to explore cities, therefore, this photo reminds me of a futuristic photo of myself.

canoeing with the dog

Perfect afternoon of canoeing on Lake Sharon. The first day coming back to campus after summer break is always bittersweet. We get to go canoeing and wading in the lake with friends when it's still warm, but then school actually starts, of course.

Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington D.C. --- this is <3.

Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington D.C.