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kounyoukai: “ Pokestory 2 is out now, and this is the piece i did for it. I tried to push myself a bit more than the usual, and even when i had a ton of technical problems with the file, im quite...

I'd want to be assigned to that house... Oh wait, I am! GET SHREKT SKRUBS

Delightful Vintage-Style Pokémon Ads

Delightful Vintage-Style Pokémon Ads. This is perfect for my amazing husband and his pokémon obsession.

Ekannnnssssssss^^^^Wtf is Starmie doing? It looks like its just floating to the castle. Did its trainer just be all like "Starmie use Bubble! Haha bitches, we dont gotta worry bout no rocky water! We floatin to this effin castle!"

HA! You better have Burn Heal for that! I laughed so hard when watched this!!! (Pokémon)