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Electric Bill Soaring! Electronic devices plugged in can be kilowatting your profits away. Smart strip senses use or not and turns on / off energy draw #green

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How Vampire Power Works

Grandpa from the Munster's. Although it was a comedy series I was still scared of the family!! Being in black and white made it even more spooky!! ( I was only 10).....

Save money and unplug your devices when you're not using them. CASH 1 is known for our easy personal loans, but we do enjoy sharing money saving tips. We're in the #Halloween spirit and wanted to talk to you about vampires - the electronic kind. These vamps are lurking in your house and draining your wallet by wasting electricity when they're plugged in and not being used.

Morgan Freeman's vampire character goes vegetarian. I somehow find myself imagining him draining Rita Moreno, then thumping himself on the head and saying:

If your electric bill is draining your bank account, one culprit could be vampire electronics. Find out what they are and how to slay them....