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Former Miss Americas - Miss America

Margaret Gorman, the first Miss America, 1921. Source: Library of Congress

First Miss America winner, 1921 - Margaret Gorman <> (vintage photo, roaring vintage lady, flapper,history)

1921 Miss America Pageant. These women are all different shapes and sizes - this is what should be considered normal. Not the ridiculous "one size should be all" expectations for women we have today.

This Was The First Miss America Pageant, Held In 1921

My, but beauty ideals have changed.these girls look healthy rather than anorexic. -- "Miss America was held for the first time in 1921 to attract tourists to Atlantic City. The winner was a old girl (Margaret Gorman) from Washington, third on the left.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Sashed: 1921  very first miss america winner on the right!

Inter-City Beauties Ethel Charles, Nellie Orr and Margaret Gorman at Union Station in Washington, D. Margaret would be crowned winner at the very first Miss America pageant.

I wouldn't be where I am today without this organization!

Visit Miss America at Legion Community Days in Onalaska, WI August

The Evolution of Miss America, The Ideal Body Image and BMI, BMI Trends: The Average American Woman vs. Miss America, Risks of Unhealthy Body Image. "We compiled pictures of Miss America winners since 1921. ..." | #MissAmerica #bodyimage #bodytype #weight #BMI  #AmericanWoman #AmericanWomen #women #perception   #TheCurrentFashion http://TheCurrentFashion.com

They then went into how much the bodies have actually changed using the BMI (Body Mass Index) which calculates a person’s height to weight ratio. Using that measure, the average winner’s BMI is significantly lower than the average American woman.

The first crowned Miss America, Margaret Gorman 1921

Margaret Gorman Cahill, won the first Miss America contest in Atlantic City, N. in Her formal title was queen of Atlantic City's "Inter-City Beauty Pageant," which later became the Miss America Pageant.