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17 0 Australian fashion model Anja Konstantinova appears in 'Baby's On Fire' for Style Stalker as photographed by Darren McDonald and styled by Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San.

kitty itty bittty prettyyyy

fahdes: ““The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.

Kate Bush

Successful female vocalist Kate Bush, circa News Photo Getty Images (one of my favourites)

Anthony Perkins and Cat •

4 stars--One Wild Winter's Eve (Honeycote, by Anne Barton. Men with cats

Fringed palla. "...respectable women also wore a long cloak, called a palla, over their tunic and stola when they went outside. This was rectangular in shape and was typically draped over the left shoulder, under the right arm and back across the body, carried by the left arm or thrown back again over the left shoulder. The palla could also be pulled up to cover the head, as shown in the above statue of Livia or in this depiction of a matron whose elegantly draped palla has a fringe."…

Statue of a woman wearing a fringed palla over the outer tunic (stola). Typically draped across the shoulders and over the head like a veil while carried with the left arm.

AHCAHCUM -  ちょうちょバレッタ [オフチェック]  - 155130096-AHCAHCUM

AHCAHCUM - ちょうちょバレッタ [オフチェック] - 155130096-AHCAHCUM